6 Most Visited US National Parks

6 Most Visited US National Parks

National Parks

In the US there are 59 protected areas known as national parks, the first park being Yellowstone 1872. These areas hold significant natural beauty and historical objects as well as support an amazing range of wildlife. Being such large areas of untouched land there is clear opportunity for outdoor recreation, whether it be climbing in Yosemite, fishing in Yellowstone, hiking in the Rockies or taking in the sights of the Grand Canyon there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. This series will start with an overview of the 6 most visited parks followed by an in depth guide for each of the 59 sites giving you an idea of the great activities available in each.  

6- Yellowstone

Yellowstone, the original national park in the US and probably the world. Yellowstone national park is located on the Yellowstone Caldera, it is a volcanic active area and has some amazing natural sites including erupting geysers, colored hot springs and boiling mud pots. Yellowstone is also home to a number of mountainous areas, these area contain massive waterfalls that are awe inspiring to visit. Yellowstone is also home to over 60 species of mammal, these include gray wolves, grizzly bears, black bears, lynxes, bison, and elk, making it one of the best spots for viewing wildlife in the world.

5- Zion

Zion is located at the junction of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin, and Mojave Desert. It contains huge sandstone features such as canyons, mesas and rock towers which includes the Virgin River narrow. Zions features make It one of the most visited spots for camping, hiking and rock-climbing. It also boasts an amazing range off wildlife especially bird watching with almost 200 species of bird

4- Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountain national park takes up a large portion of the Rockies located in the Front Range in Colorado, it is bisected north to south by the continental divide. This gives the area a unique opportunity for wildlife to thrive in its various mountains, lakes and forest including mule deer, bighorn sheep, black bears, and cougars. The Rockies offer extensive opportunity for outdoor activities and every visitor is sure to enjoy their visit.

3- Yosemite 

Yosemite is located in California, it has sheer granite cliffs and huge waterfalls as well a number of old growth forests. The most visited location in Yosemite is the valley which offers a number of unique climbing locations including the famous El Captain. The area has a unique number of vegetation zones that contain over 160 rare plants. There are also may lakes offering opportunities for fishing and water based activities  

2- The Grand Canyon 

The Grand Canyon is probably the most famous natural formed location in the US, it is the result of the Colorado River carving its way through the land. It is a truly breath-taking site which stretches for 277 miles, can have a height of 1 mile and can be as wide as 15 miles. The park offers many opportunities for hiking as well as a number of guided tours of the area even including helicopter tours.

1- The Great Smoky Mountains 

The most visited national park in the US is the Great Smoky Mountain, the mountains offer an exceptional amount of outdoor activities including fishing, horseback riding, and touring nearly 80 historic structures. The main attraction of these mountains however is there extensive offering of hiking trails which cover an astonishing 800 miles. The park is located in the Appalachian Mountains, an area known for its amazing range of wildlife home to over 400 vertebrate species, 100 tree species, and 5000 plant species.

The US clearly has unlimited opportunity for adventure with these inspiring locations, each of which offers a unique experience for the traveler, subscribe to this series to get an in depth guide to each of these location plus all of the other parks in the US and possibly further afield. Explore the planet !